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Do you know WHO you help, WHAT you help them with, WHY they should work with you?


If you can’t confidently answer those 3 questions, then how can you expect to attract your favorite clients and stand out from the crowd? You can't.

Answering those 3 questions comes down to having a clear niche. You might think you have a clear niche, but chances are it's not as clear as it could be. If it were, marketing would be a whole lot easier.

My name is Cindy Schulson, and I've been helping coaches, consultants and other service professionals discover (and refine) their ideal niche since 2010. In this free training, I'm going to give you the same proven, step-by-step process I use with my own clients.

As you'll discover in my free training, finding your niche is about much more than just choosing a target market and figuring out what they want. You come to your business with a wealth of skills, experiences and passions. I'll show you how to leverage everything you bring to the table in your business so you can choose a profitable niche you love.

The Niche Success Kit has helped thousands of entrpreneurs on the road to discovering their ideal niche

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